Odor Elimination Filters

Odor-removal solutions, such as activated carbon and zeolite, have been used for years by professional restoration companies to remove fire and flood odors. Now everyone has access to these powerful tools to eliminate offensive odors.

Odor Elimination Filters Remove Odors at a Molecular Level

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filters are designed to trap and retain gas molecules. They consist of millions of tiny pores on the filter surface, which capture and hold gases and odors until the filter needs to be replaced. One activated carbon filter has a surface area equivalent to a full-sized football field.


Zeolite is a natural earth mineral that has been thermally fused with polyester. It features a three-dimensional, micro-porous structure that allows it to effectively remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and gases. These contaminants are trapped within the filter's porous cavities, making it particularly useful for eliminating odors such as pet urine and ammonia.

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