Because, If it doesn't fit.  It doesn't filter.

We start by building you a permanent custom sized frame of sturdy aluminum and a permanently attached electrostatic charged screen.  They won't bend, melt or warp like plastic or cardboard furnace filters.

Odd size furnace filter?
We hand make every furnace filter frame to your exact size, so you'll always have a filter that fits perfectly!

Maybe the last furnace filter you will ever purchase.
All furnace filter frames are backed by a 10 year warranty!

We eliminated the path
of least resistance.

To ensure that all the air and pollutants go through the furnace filter and not around it, our filters feature our patented anti-bypass seal. When your air conditioner or furnace turns on, the difference in pressure causes an air tight seal. No bypass means your filtering 100 % of the air.

HealthSmart vs. Washable

Air Filtration Options:

You choose from many types of air filtration refills for your new furnace filter.  You can use our popular BioSponge, BioSponge plus®, or our ultra-efficient MicroSponge® refills. 

All offer outstanding protection from airborne contaminants.  Select the refills that fits your needs.  You can also choose to add an activated carbon or zeolite refill, if you wish to control odors and V.O.C.'s.

Replaceable furnace filter refills assure a new, fresh furnace filter every time.  No more guessing if your furnace filter is really clean and healthy.

Furnace Filter Smoke Test
HealthSmart Filter with Microsponge media


You'll never have to wait in store lines for your furnace filters again!

No more aggravating trips to the store to try and match sizes, and winding
up with an ineffective furnace filter. Simply contact your local Air Sponge dealer, and we'll rush your furnace, AC filters right to your door.

Initial package includes a permanent frame, and a supply of refills.


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