Measuring for you new air filter

Q. How do I measure what size air filter I require?

A. Check to see if your furnace or A/C has an existing air filter in it. If so, does it fit properly? If it contains a disposable furnace filter, are there any crushed corners or has the filter been forced into the system to fit? If not, measure the existing filter with a tape measure. That is the replacement size you should be ordering your new HealthSmart air filter.

If the filter does not fit properly, or you do not have an existing air filter in your system, you will have to measure the grill opening or the filter slot of your furnace/air handler.

1. Air conditioning filter grill. Many air filter grills have obstructions such as stop tabs, rivets andscrews. You want to make sure you take your measurement from in between these objects and subtract 1/4 inch, so the air filter will fit between them when you put it in.

2. Because our air filters feature a Patented Anti-Bypass Seal , the filter does not have to fit edge to edge tight. As long as your measurement is larger then the inner lip of the grill, your filter will seal properly. Leave yourself room to remove and re-install it easily.

3. Always open the air filter grill to take the measurement, don't assume the inside measurement is the same as the filter return air grill

4. Do not take your measurement from your throw away type furnace filters. many times the size listed on those filters is a nominal size and not the size of the actual filter.

5. Our air filter's frame is made of sturdy aluminum and will not bend.

6. Take your time. Get it right, you'll never have to do it again, these air filters last a lifetime!

Don't go by a size that is written or printed on the filter, it may be different then the actual size of the filter. Measure it.





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